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Frank Body’s New Scrub Tackles Acne Scars and Dull Skin

Though I didn’t have any acne as a teen (I know, I got off easy), now as a 33-year-old, I’m dealing with hormonal breakouts. And it’s not just my chin and jaw that are affected during PMS, but my shoulders, as well. And if I actually work out, I get breakouts along my sweaty sports bra line. The worst. I know I’m not the only one dealing with body breakouts and the unsightly scars that come with them. Thankfully, the new Frank Body A-Beauty Scrub is here to help.

You might be wondering what the “A” stands for in A-Beauty. Just like K-beauty products hail from Korea, A-beauty products come from Australia. Products from Down Under are often pretty pared down, with few stellar ingredients and not a lot of filler. Frank Body’s popular coffee scrubs are exactly that; natural ingredients such as aloe vera and olive oil are anti-bacterial and nourishing.

A-Beauty Scrub is a bit different because it specifically tackles post-breakout acne scars and hyperpigmentation, and works to brighten dull skin. That’s not to say it won’t banish breakouts, too, but if you’re anything like me, you’re dealing with darkness from all those cystic pimples.

frank body a scrub packaging

Image: Frank Body.

A-Beauty Scrub features a few key ingredients that help get rid of those dark spots. Top ones include: AHA derived from Finger Lime, a powerful exfoliator from tropical rainforests; eucalyptus, a natural antiseptic with antifungal, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties; macadamia oil to nourish the skin; and Vitamin C derived from Kakadu plum.

It works the same as the coffee ones. You just apply the scrub to wet skin in the shower, being careful not to drop too much down the drain. (Been there.) Leave it on for a few minutes and rinse. Frank Body recommends using it two-to-three times a week for best results. It’s made for your body but based on the reviews online, it looks like many fans love it for their face, as well.

Shop the A-Beauty Scrub now for $18.95 on the Frank Body website.

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Khloé Says She Would Be ‘Insecure’ if She Was Sofia in Scott’s Relationship with Kourtney

Though most of the world was focused on the battle at Winterfell Sunday night, true Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans were tuned in to the latest episode. And they were treated to some equally *fiery* drama. Khloé Kardashian reacted to on Scott Disick and Sofia Richie’s relationship with Kourtney, saying she thinks the young model should be “insecure.” Wait, what? Let us explain. During the episode, former lovers and current friendly exes Disick and Kourtney Kardashian met with a spiritual healer in Bali. The healer told the couple that they were “two old souls” who have a “very strong bond.” And get this—they were even called “soulmates.”

Kourtney took this comment at face value, acknowledging that she and Disick will be in each other’s lives forever (because of their children) and that’s what the spiritual healer must’ve been referencing. “I normally don’t like this type of stuff, but I’m really trying to connect and improve my relationships,” Kourtney explained. “I don’t know what the definition of ‘soulmate’ is, but Scott and I, we’re going to be in each others’ lives forever. Like, we are soulmates in a sense. No matter what. Whether we’re ever together again or not.”

Disick, as blunt and slightly befuddled as ever, chimed in. “I don’t really know what to think. I’m in another relationship. I just want to take whatever good away from it that I can.” He continued,”I mean, we have three children, we love each other and we’re family. And I’m happy with that.”

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

But Khloé had some opinions on the whole thing, saying she’d be worried if she were Richie. “I don’t care how confident you are,” Khloé said. “It’s weird if you’re Sofia.”

Disick then reminded his sort-of sister-in-law (except..,not by law) that Richie “knew going into this” that he was still “extremely close” with his ex. “She was like, ‘Listen, I will never get between you and your family and your children. Just speak to me and make me comfortable,'” Disick said. “I couldn’t [do that]. She’s a better person than I am.”

“I thought for a very long time that I was going to live a very miserable life,” he added. “I didn’t think that I was going to have happiness again. My biggest thing to Kourtney was no matter who we’re with, even though our children might not see everything, they do feel it and they can hear it and everyone needs to be OK with each other.”

Khloé then stirred the pot a bit, asking Disick if he thought what the spiritual healer had said would bother Richie. “I definitely don’t want to disrespect my relationship with Sofia because it means a lot to me,” he said. “Whether Kourtney and I are soulmates or not, I feel like I owe a lot to Kourtney for the times that I missed when I wasn’t the best partner to her. So I feel like I will forever be making up for that lost time for the rest of her life.”

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Well, that didn’t exactly answer Khloé’s question, but it’s a good sentiment. He continued, “At the end of the day, I don’t want to hurt anybody,” he added. “Sofia knows that we’re raising three kids together and until our kids are 100, I’ll still be making sure that Kourtney and my kids are a priority in my life.”

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

We love to hear that! And a source at UsWeekly said Richie is A-OK with their relationship. “Sofia is 100 percent fine with Scott and Kourtney’s relationship. They have no issues and all get along,”the source explained. “Sofia doesn’t care about the ‘soulmate’ thing. It was made out to be bigger than what it was on the show.”

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

It’s Been 15 Years Since ‘Mean Girls’ Premiered & We’re Still Not Over “Fetch”

Fifteen years ago, the Mean Girls cast shattered the “popular girl” trope when we were introduced to the Plastics. Written by comedian Tina Fey with an iconic appearance from Amy Poehler, Mean Girls followed Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan), a girl who grew up in Africa and was homeschooled by her parents. However, after her family relocates to an Illinois suburb –Cady finds herself struggling to fit in with her cliquey public school. She also finds herself equally disgusted and intrigued by the Plastics. Helmed by the H.B.I.C. Regina George (Rachel McAdams) who is fawned over by her bestie Gretchen Wieners (Lacy Chabert) and the obtuse Karen Smith (Amanda Seyfried), Cady slowly finds herself turning into the very girls that she vowed to destroy.

When Mean Girls premiered in 2004, it exploded –creating quippy one-liners that we still use today like, “She doesn’t even go here!” and “You can’t sit with us!” The movie also catapulted several actors who were relatively unknown at the time into the spotlight. By the time Lohan put on Cady’s pink polo, she’d already had a lengthy career in Hollywood. However, Mean Girls put the spotlight on McAdams, Seyfried, and Lizzy Caplan who were relatively unknown up until that point. Here’s what the Mean Girls cast is up to 15 years later.

Lindsay Lohan as Cady Heron

Lindsay Lohan was already a megastar by the time she slid into Cady Heron’s patent leather pumps. She’d stolen our hearts way back in 1998 as twins Hallie and Annie in Disney’s The Parent Trap. Mean Girls debuted at the height of Lohan’s fame. Unfortunately, the movie would also mark the end of her A-list status. Shortly after the film premiered, she began to spiral out of control — partying, acting erratically, and allegedly getting hooked on drugs before stepping away from Hollywood completely.

These days, Lohan seems to be doing much better. She’s back in the spotlight with her new MTV reality series Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club which follows the ins and outs of her beach club in Mykonos, Greece. La Lohan has also been vying for the role as Ariel in the live-action version of The Little Mermaid –but we don’t think she’s on Disney’s list.

Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls

Image: Paramount Pictures.

Lindsay Lohan

Image: Andrew H. Walker/REX/Shutterstock.

Rachel McAdams as Regina George

It’s hard to imagine a time before Rachel McAdams was a power-house in the entertainment industry. However, before she became the “half virgin” Regina George whose infamous burn book still makes the best memes –McAdams was relatively unknown. Two months after terrorizing Gretchen Wieners for wearing hoop earrings, McAdams went on to steal everyone’s hearts when she appeared opposite Ryan Gosling in The Notebook. Since then–McAdams has starred in everything from Marvel’s Doctor Strange to Spotlight which garnered her an Academy Award nomination in 2016. Up next, the new mom is set to reprise her role as Irene in Sherlock Holmes 3.

Rachel McAdams in Mean Girls

Image: Paramount Pictures.

Rachel McAdams

Image: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP/REX/Shutterstock.

Amanda Seyfried as Karen Smith

Admittedly, Amanda Seyfried’s Karen Smith looked flummoxed and confused for the majority of Mean Girls. However, Seyfried used Karen’s confounding quotes and oblivious attitude to her advantage. Like McAdams, Seyfried would use Mean Girls to get a leg up in the industry.

Seyfried would go on to star in the critically acclaimed HBO series, Big Love –both Mama Mias opposite Meryl Streep, and she also snagged a role as Cosette in Les Misérables. In 2017, Seyfried married actor Thomas Sadoski, and they welcomed their first child together. In 2020 she is set to voice Daphne in the animated film Scoob, based on the beloved cartoon, Scooby-Doo.

Amanda Seyfried in Mean Girls

Image: Paramount Pictures.

Amanda Seyfried

Image: Evan Agostini/Invision/AP/REX/Shutterstock.

Lacey Chabert as Gretchen Wieners

Lacey Chabert was relatively well known before she became the toaster strudel princess, Gretchen Wieners in Mean Girls. Chabert had starred on the acclaimed series Party of Five for years, and also voiced Eliza Thornberry on Nickelodeon hit, The Wild Thornberrys. After Mean Girls –Chabert has done a ton of voiceover work and appeared in numerous Hallmark films. However, she’s mostly focused on her growing family and has stayed out of the tabloids. 

Lacey Chabert in Mean Girls

Image: Paramount Pictures.

Lacey Chabert

Image: AFF-USA/REX/Shutterstock.

Lizzy Caplan as Janis Ian

These days, we recognize Lizzy Caplan for the legend that she is. However, before Mean Girls –she was known for her small roles in Freaks and Geeks and Smallville. Playing Janis Ian just proved how badass Caplan really is.

We always knew that Janis was the real star of Mean Girls. After all –she was the original choreographer of the “Jingle Bell Rock” dance before Regina stole it. Caplan took her role as the gothy outsider and ran with it. The Emmy Award nominee went on to appear in CloverfieldTrue BloodBachelorette, and Masters of Sex among others.

Lizzy Caplan in Mean Girls

Image: Paramount Pictures.

Lizzy Caplan

Image: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP/REX/Shutterstock.

Jonathan Bennett as Aaron Samuels

Jonathan Bennett slayed as Regina George’s man candy Aaron Samuels who also became the object of Cady’s affection. Though he’s best known for Mean Girls, he also went on to appear in Veronica Mars and on All My Children. Bennett still looks sexy with his hair pushed back –and now he’s even selling Mean Girls-themed rosé to go with your Wednesday nights. Wednesday Rosé by Jonathan Bennett is actually a thing, and you can purchase two bottles along with Bennett’s The Burn Cookbook if you’re a true Mean Girls fan. Did you spot him in Ariana Grande’s “thank u, next” video?

Jonathan Bennett in Mean Girls

Image: Paramount Pictures.

Jonathan Bennett

Image: Etienne Laurent/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock.

Daniel Franzese as Damian

Mean Girls found the most iconic Santa Clause with Daniel Franzese as Damian.  Damian was Janis’ bestie who was eager to welcome Cady into their fold. He also had some of the most legendary lines in Mean Girls. Though Franzese has gone on to star in Looking, Recovery Road, and Conviction— we’ll always love him for Mean Girls. The film was extraordinarily important for him personally. He revealed that the movie helped him come out of the closet because of the love and support that he received from fans.

Daniel Franzese and Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls

Image: Paramount Pictures.

Daniel Franzese

Image: Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock.

From elevating stars to breaking others into the industry, after all this time, Mean Girls is still pretty damn “grool” to us.



Robert Pattinson Revealed Whether He Still Talks to Kristen Stewart & Our 2008 Selves Are Crying

In a rare and out-of-character response, Robert Pattison discussed his relationships with Kristen Stewart, FKA Twigs and Suki Waterhouse. The formerTwilight star has always remained fairly tightlipped on his personal life, especially when it comes to romance. But The Sunday Times got the 32-year-old actor to share a few thoughts on his previous courtship with Stewart and FKA Twigs, as well as his current reported GF, Suki Waterhouse.

Pattinson was first asked whether he was still on good terms with his former Twilight co-star and FKA Twigs. He refrained from saying much of anything except for “yes, yes.” He then took some time to reflect on when Donald Trumps’ tweets revolved around his dating life—pre White House Trump. (Back in 2012, the future President tweeted, “Robert Pattinson should not take back Kristen Stewart. She cheated on him like a dog & will do it again—just watch. He can do much better!”) Well, Pattinson uses that as his presidential claim-to-fame. Apparently, Katy Perry has birthday letters from five former presidents in her bathroom, and Pattinson thinks it’s unreal.  “It’s so fucking cool, like five presidents! I got a tweet,” he said. “That’s my equivalent. She gets five presidential letters. I get relationship advice in a tweet.” Well, better than nothing!

R-Patz then went into great detail about why he keeps his private life so fiercely private. This response came after The Sunday Times interviewer, Eve Barlow, pressed him for information on his romance with Waterhouse.

He explained, “If you let people in, it devalues what love is. If a stranger on the street asked you about your relationship, you’d think it extremely rude. If you put up a wall it ends up better. I can’t understand how someone can walk down the street holding hands, and it’s the same as when I do it and a hundred people are taking your photo. The line between when you’re performing and when you’re not will eventually get washed away and you’ll go completely mad.”

Well, good for him. That’s some pretty powerful advice. And they definitely seem happy keeping to themselves as much as possible!

Here’s How to Get Starbucks’ Unreleased Lip Gloss—Yes, Starbucks

Heads up, Starbucks fans. Your obsession is about to get a lot more serious. If you’ve been waiting for the popular S’Mores drink to come back, you’re in luck. Just in time for summer, everyone’s favorite Frap is hitting stores again, so you’ll be able to sip that coffee and milk goodness, all topped with marshmallow-infused whipped cream, milk chocolate sauce and a graham cracker crumble. To be honest, I’ve never had it but it looks like this is the summer that’s going to change. (Can they make it with oat milk?) And that’s not all. According to a bunch of Insta stories from the coffee chain, Starbucks lip gloss is coming as well, all as part of an upcoming contest called S’Mores Life.

I first spotted the news on beauty blogger LooksbyLexington‘s Instagram stories, who I know to be an epic Starbucks fan. I did a little more digging and learned that the glosses are part of an upcoming campaign. Starbucks is working with two influencers, AJA and Danica Mae, as part of the S’Mores Life contest. The winner receives a gift card and a variety of Starbucks merch (a cute tank and tote, for example), including these unreleased lip glosses.

starbucks lip gloss

Image: Starbucks Instagram Story.

There are four shades in the S’mores Frappuccino Sip Kit: Chocolicious Bliss, Marshmallow Glow, Campfire Spark and Graham Glam. We haven’t tested them but it’s probable they smell pretty sweet.

To enter, you have to take photos or videos of your S’mores Frappuccino as well as draft a statement about how you’re celebrating. Read the specific rules here. You only have until May 3, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. EST, so get to recording. We’re really hoping Starbucks releases the lip glosses for sale outside of the contest so we can all wear them, even if we don’t win the contest or even, really, drink the Frap.

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Beauty Bakerie’s Setting Powder Shade Extension Looks Stunning

Entrepreneur Cashmere Nicole created Beauty Bakerie back in 2011 and hasn’t slowed down since. We love the brand for its inclusive shade range and healthy ingredients—all vegan, paraben-free and cruelty-free. You might remember when Nicole made waves for numbering her foundation shades from dark to light instead of the usual light to dark. Now, she’s expanding one of her first and most popular beauty products. A Beauty Bakerie Flour Setting Powder Extension is coming soon and we can’t contain our excitement.

Fans love the powder for the way it smoothes the complexion and sets foundation for all-day wear, leaving behind a soft matte finish. Each shade also has its own benefits, like redness-reducing and brightening. Plus, they come in seriously cute packaging meant to resemble baking powder. In fact, as the name suggests, each product in the line has a baking theme, like #1 Cake Mix Demi-Matte Foundation in a cake mix box and Blending Egg Beauty Sponges in, you guessed it, an egg carton.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

This week’s launch features three new hues of Flour Setting Powder to make the shade range even more inclusive. There’s already Oat (a translucent), Cassava (a yellow for redness), Flour (a pink for brightening) and Cacao (a brown). She’s adding shades that slip right into this range, including Almond (a Chestnut), Plantain (a Caramel) and Rice (a white).

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Grab each of the Beauty Bakerie Flour Setting Powder shades for $24 when they launch May 3 on Beauty Bakerie’s website and soon, Ulta.

I Went Down a CBD Rabbit Hole So You Don’t Have To

Last year, a road trip that ended in Los Angeles made one thing abundantly clear: the world’s obsession with all things CBD had taken on a life of its own. On the west coast (far away from my NYC home base), it felt like literally everyone kept a tincture or face oil on hand for all-too-common concerns like breakouts and insomnia. And though I was hardly interested in hoarding the best CBD products for myself, it definitely piqued my interest.

This also isn’t to say that indulging in the plant’s psychoactive benefits is a bad thing. It really just comes down to preference. And if you’re anything like me–i.e., can’t smoke or consume an edible without canceling the entire day–then the non-psychoactive pros may be more your speed. So like any good product junkie, I decided to basically swan-dive into trying any and every CBD-infused beauty and wellness product I could get my hands on. (If you need a full breakdown on what CBD actually is, here you go.)

First, it’s worth noting that the lack of black-owned CBD beauty companies put a bit of a damper on my experiment. For as long as I can remember, people I grew up with or near have been unfairly affected by marijuana-related arrests, though usage rates compared to other races is relatively equal. So to excitedly start my research and come across an embarrassingly small amount of black-owned beauty left me disappointed. Nonetheless, I pressed on, and eventually gathered an overwhelming hodge-podge of CBD goodies; from hair oil to face oil to tinctures and capsules.

To be honest, I found simply didn’t get to a lot of things, like this minty muscle balm that I’m sure would’ve felt amazing after a hot yoga class. There’s also a sweet-smelling hair oil I never popped open because of my box braids and a sheet mask that probably would’ve paired well with a bath bomb I’m now obsessed with. On the other hand, there were also some things that felt a bit scam-y like CBD-infused water (it tasted like sugar water and made no difference in my mood). And then there were products that worked just fine, though I doubt it was because of CBD content.

At the end of the day, I find CBD to be useful for two very specific things: getting better sleep and soothing skin after a bad breakout. Here are the products I would actually co-sign:


cbd products sagely tablets I Went Down a CBD Rabbit Hole So You Dont Have To

Sagely Naturals.

For ‘Mama Said Knock You Out,’ Nothing’s Waking Me Up Sleep: Sagely Naturals CBD + Melatonin Capsules

I’m a bonafide insomniac and already familiar with the magic that is a melatonin tablet. So when combined with CBD, magnesium, and lemon balm, know that you are getting the best sleep ever. The bottle says to take one, but I’ve been taking two at a time and not feeling groggy the morning after.

$49.99 at Sagely Naturals

cbd products beam oil I Went Down a CBD Rabbit Hole So You Dont Have To

Beam Organics.

For a Gradual, Sort-Of Deep Sleep: Beam ‘The One’ CBD Oil

This is another CBD oil I tried for sleep, though I wouldn’t recommend it for hardcore insomniacs. However, on days when you’ve been stressed beyond belief and are having a hard time winding down, this is a tasty tincture worth taking about an hour before bedtime.

$49.95-$119.95 at Beam Organics

cbd products cbd bath bomb I Went Down a CBD Rabbit Hole So You Dont Have To

CBD For Life.

For Winding Down the Day-Vibes: CBD For Life Eucalyptus & Peppermint Bath Bomb

Truth be told, I’m not completely sure that the CBD component is responsible for my feeling unbelievably relaxed, but at such a low price point, I’d say this is a bath bomb worth trying anyway. Also, eucalyptus is the ultimate stress-relieving scent.

$12 at CBD For Life

cbd products farmacy better daze I Went Down a CBD Rabbit Hole So You Dont Have To


For Next-Level Moisture: Farmacy Better Daze Ahead Restorative Cushion Cream

I was lucky enough to get my hands on this moisturizer before it actually launched and was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved it. The “cushion” name is definitely appropriate as its consistency is on the thicker side, which means a little goes a very long way. If you’ve got dry skin, a pimple that just won’t go away, or a combo of both, this CBD formula is a must-try.

$68 at Sephora

cbd products first aid dry oil I Went Down a CBD Rabbit Hole So You Dont Have To

First Aid Beauty.

For Non-Greasy Overnight Hydration: First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cannabis & Oat Dry Oil

On the other hand, if you’re looking for moisture without the greasy feel, this pre-moisturizer oil absorbs quickly, but doesn’t make you feel like you need to use more. It’s also allergy-tested and fragrance-free for anyone who’s sensitive to hidden ingredients.

$30 at First Aid Beauty

cbd products populum hemp oil I Went Down a CBD Rabbit Hole So You Dont Have To


For a Gradual Deep Sleep: Populum Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

The oil in this tincture comes straight from the seed of a hemp plant, but is just as potent. It also tastes like oranges, so be careful not to go overboard when using. I take a dropper-full amount of this stuff about two hours before bed and gradually leads me into sleep as opposed to knocking me out in seconds.

$59-$179 at Populum


cbd products saint jane beauty serum I Went Down a CBD Rabbit Hole So You Dont Have To

Saint Jane Beauty.

For Soothing Your Skin After a Terrible Breakout: Saint Jane Luxury Beauty Serum

This is the face oil to end all other face oils. Though its star ingredient is obviously CBD, it’s also chock-full of other ones that help the formula to deeply penetrate the skin. I love using this at night and letting it soak in while I sleep. By morning, it’s completely absorbed and I’ve got a glow that even shines through my makeup (if I choose to wear it). It’s also incredibly lightweight, which is always a plus in my opinion.

$125 at Saint Jane Beauty

cbd products sol face toner I Went Down a CBD Rabbit Hole So You Dont Have To

S.O.L. For Life.

For Wiping Away Soap Residue: S.O.L. CBD Face Toner

My CBD journey began shortly after Christine Chin told me to start using toner on my face again, so naturally, this product was a must-try. I love the cooling sensation (thanks to peppermint oil) and the fact that it picks up whatever dirt my cleanser didn’t. My only caveat is that if you follow the instructions and apply with a cotton pad, you have to spray a lot of product to feel anything, which means you go through a bottle pretty fast.

$35 at Strains of Life

‘Fosse/Verdon’s’ Christiane Seidel on Being Amy Adams’s Look-Alike & Why She Almost Quit Acting

She went on to walk the red carpet alongside stars like Scarlett Johansson before heading into the theatre to take her seat. Then came the texts. “My phone was blowing up,” she says. The first was from her manager who sent her a link to a news outlet that also thought she was Adams. Then came several more outlets…and several more. It didn’t take long for the outlets to issue corrects, clarifying that the woman in red was, in fact, not Adams but actress Christiane Seidel from Netflix’s Godless. But by then Seidel had already gone viral as Adams’s look-alike, with sites like Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood and even StyleCaster reporting on how the mixup became one of the most talked-about moments before the Emmys. “People sometimes give me double takes, and then they look disappointed when they get close and realize I’m not her,” Seidel says. “But the Emmys were insane.”

Seidel didn’t hear from Adams, and the actress never showed up (though she was expected to because of her new HBO show at the time, Sharp Objects), but the comparison was more than flattering. Still, with a role on FX’s new critically acclaimed show Fosse/Verdon and a career as a working actress, Seidel is ready to be known as more than Amy Adams’s look-alike.

Christiane Seidel

Lance Ferguson.

Seidel is the only child of a German navy pilot and a florist. She was born in Wichita Falls, Texas, but was raised between Germany and Denmark. Her first role was in primary school when she starred as a woman who housed Mary and Jesus in the German version of The Nativity Story. In high school, she did The Rocky Horror Picture Show. “I’ve always had the bug,” she says. But when it came to apply for college, Seidel was unsure of what she wanted to do. Living in a small town in Germany, Seidel didn’t know anyone in showbusiness, and an unstable career like acting was almost unheard of in German culture. “Everyone follows a very strict, straight road. You go to university. You do something safe. My parents included,” Seidel says.

And so she went to business school. In her senior year, Seidel studied abroad at a film school in Cape Town, South Africa to learn about the business side of media. There, she also received her first experience with filmmaking, which became the push she needed to pursue acting as a career. “I knew if I was going to start in the corporate world, I would get stuck and probably be really unhappy that I never tried,” she says. When she returned to Germany, she finished her degree and took the first flight to New York after her graduation. “I said, and this is what I really thought, ‘Let me give this a try for three months.’ Three months became six months, and six months became a year. And that continued for years until I met my husband,” she says.



The first few years were hard. To make ends meet, Seidel worked as a caterer and a Sex and the City tour guide in German. She was also a part-time model, which is when she first encountered the dark side of the industry. “That’s where I felt really exploited. One time I got into a very uncomfortable situation with a photographer who I was left alone with. That was something I went home with that day and was like, ‘There’s something that wasn’t right,’” she says. Aside from her boyfriend at the time, Seidel didn’t tell anyone about the experience. “I wanted to let it go. I didn’t want to do anything. Nowadays, I would’ve totally spoken up. But I felt like it was all a part of the game,” she says. “That’s why we’re in such an important time where women are speaking up and putting people in the spotlight about this.”

We’re in such an important time where women are speaking up and putting people in the spotlight about harassment.

Seidel also still received pressure from her parents to return to Germany and a career in business. “My would ask, ‘When are you coming back? When are you going to do a real job? When are you going to use the thing that you actually learned?’” she says. That started to change when Seidel booked her first paid job, an masseuse on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, who is involved in an abduction. “Law & Order: SVU is also shown in Germany. So my parents got to see that, and that’s when they were like, ‘Maybe. Maybe she’s not too far off. Maybe she can be an actor,’” she says. Seidel’s success continued with HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, a two-episode role that was expanded to four seasons. It was also the role that convinced that maybe she could make it as an actor. “That’s when I realized that I have a place,” she says. “I was like, ‘OK. If they haven’t written me out after one or two episodes then maybe I have something that I shouldn’t disregard.’”

Christiane Seidel

Stephen Lovekin/Variety/REX/Shutterstock.

In 2016, when Seidel was in New Mexico on the set of Godless, she learned she pregnant with her first children: twin boys. The pregnancy was smooth, but after Seidel gave birth, she noticed there was something different with how she felt. “I was afraid I would never be able to come back as an actress. I was afraid that my body changed. I wasn’t sure I would ever be back to where I was and feel back to where I was,” she says. “I know stories of actors who have been dropped when they got pregnant because they’re not making anybody any commission for a while.” Seidel tried to audition a few weeks after giving birth, but with her still breastfeeding and the lack of sleep, she didn’t feel ready. She was ready to quit and move her family to Germany, and she told her manager that. But her manager wouldn’t let her. “She said, ‘You can quit all you want. You can tell us you’re quitting. And we’ll just do the same thing that we’re doing anyway.’ Basically I can quit in my mind, but they’re not going to stop doing what they’re doing for me,” she says. “I didn’t realize it until much later, but that gave me such a feeling. My rep has my back.”

That’s when I realized that I have a place.

Not too long later, Seidel received the audition for Fosse/Verdon, FX’s new miniseries about the relationship and careers of choreographer and director Bob Fosse (Cabaret, Chicago) and his dancer-muse Gwen Verdon. The show, executive produced by Lin Manuel-Miranda, follows Fosse and Verdon’s relationship in flashbacks and flashforwards from how they met to their separation after Verdon learns of Fosse’s affair with Hannah, German translator (played by Seidel) who he met on the set of Cabaret in Munich. To play her, Seidel had to understand her. “She’s the other woman. Many of the other women that Bob Fosse had,” she says. “She’s a person that, of course, we judge. But as the actor, I can’t judge her because then I’m not doing the character justice.” To relate, Seidel saw her as someone naive, much like her when she first came to the United States, who was charmed and taken advantage of by Fosse. “She meets this director who’s larger than life, and she’s totally taken by him. This is her window into a bigger world into something that she’s never experienced before,” she says. “In that sense, I relate it to when I first came to New York for acting. I was very naive. I learned and saw a lot of things I never knew existed.”

Christiane Seidel

Matt Sayles/@MSayles.

Among the show’s producers is Nicole Fosse, Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon’s only daughter, who talked to Seidel about the influence her mother had on her father’s career. “Gwen Verdon was just as important and as big a part in making Bob Fosse who he was,” Seidel says. “The show gives her as much of the spotlight as Bob Fosse, and I love that.” Seidel has also learned something from her costar Michelle Williams, who plays Gwen Verdon and has been outspoken about pay inequality in Hollywood after she was paid $1,000 to Mark Wahlberg’s $1.5 million for reshoots for 2017’s All the Money in the World.

No. Because I don’t know. I saw that recently when Michelle Williams did an interview where she talked about. I guess she wasn’t shocked. I don’t think she knew that she was paid. I think she got paid $200 or nothing while Mark Wahlberg was paid $1.5 million. “I’ve never been in a situation where I’ve talked to any of my male costars about what they made,” Seidel says. “But I’m sure and I know, even when I don’t know for a fact, that this stuff happens and is happening, and it’s horrendous. Still, as a white woman, Seidel is aware of her privilege and hopes to use it to push for equal pay for all. She encourages those in a similar position to do the same. “As a white woman, you’re more privileged than any minority. It’s good there are initiatives coming out and people are talking about it. Male actors, especially, are also pushing for equal pay because they’re the ones who can make the change,” she says.

Cara Delevingne Defended Ashley Benson After a Homophobic Troll Came for Her

In case you weren’t aware— Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson are dating. And they aren’t a couple to mess with. A hateful Instagram user left something rude on Benson’s Instagram, so naturally Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson responded to the homophobic comment in the best way. This is girl power if we’ve ever seen it.

So—first, one commenter wrote that Delevingne was “so disrespectful” for an unknown reason. OK. Moving on. Another user then took it upon themselves to write a pretty hurtful remark. It started with “Ashley I know you are here.” Weird flex but OK. They then continued writing, “I’m serious you need to stay away from that devil and never go back I’m sure many strong handsome religious man would take you back in a heartbeat. You are not like this you aren’t gay you love men and you need one.”

Woah. Aggressive. And entirely unnecessary. But don’t you worry—Benson was quick to defend Delevingne and her relationship. She shut the user down with one swift motion, firing back, “You need to mind your own business. Stop making things up.” The 26-year-old model then jumped on the band wagon, adding, “You are fucking disgusting! If you have a problem with true love then come and say this shit to my face instead pathetically hating through Instagram. I genuinely feel sorry for you both, you are clearly not happy in your lives and have far too much time on your hands. Maybe get a hobby that doesn’t involve being homophobic and hating others for being happy.”

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ashley benson instagram Cara Delevingne Defended Ashley Benson After a Homophobic Troll Came for Her


ashley benson instagram response Cara Delevingne Defended Ashley Benson After a Homophobic Troll Came for Her


ashley benson instagram 1 Cara Delevingne Defended Ashley Benson After a Homophobic Troll Came for Her


The Paper Towns actress and the Pretty Little Liars star reportedly started hanging out in early May but, according to a source from Life and Style, the dynamic duo wanted to “keep things under the radar so they could get to know each other out of the spotlight.”

There was speculation about the couple’s status throughout the summer,  as they posted numerous Instagram photos with each other. But since then, they’ve kept a relatively low profile. Except for when jumping to one another’s defense against Instagram hate.